The Creatrix Podcast Episode 04: Ancestral Traumas, Oppressive Energies and Bridging the Wellness Gap

We all have choice. How we use that choice is what can heal us, or keep us stuck. 

Drea Aguilar is a Master Energy Healer, Spiritual Mentor,  and Transformational Coach that knows this well. After a series of both amazing and awful catalysts, she realized that joy was a choice and began to pursue a life of fulfillment and healing.

In this episode, she shares how she spent 30 years feeling like she was unlucky and hating her life, the life-changing experience she had at Burning Man, and how she is healing – and facilitating healing for others – from very deep ancestral wounds. 

We’re also discussing how we so often let our business, or our to-do list, be a mask to ignore what’s really happening underneath, how we can start to unwind that cycle, and how Drea is working to serve and hold space for those who are typically underserved and often feel ostracized by the wellness industry (and who are usually the ones who could benefit the most from it!)

And of course, we’re talking about the amazing Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed and how we can all apply more quantum physics to our lives in a real, authentic, and focused way.


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  • Do the inner work.
  • Discover your gifts.
  • Tap into your inner voice.
  • Your value is not defined by how much you can do.



[2:15] Drea’s story, her turning point at Burning Man, and how she found Reiki.

[13:30] Her spiritual journey through scarcity and experiencing a traumatic birth.

[19:20] Feeling the most dismissed in motherhood by those you would least expect.

[20:25] How Drea creates safety for herself – and her clients – to explore triggers.

[22:40] How Drea applies quantum physics to her life and to generational trauma.

[28:30] What a Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed is and how it works.

[33:20] Where personal responsibility melds with ancestral history.

[42:10] How energy work has helped Drea apply quantum physics to her work.

[46:25] How to speak about universal laws and traumas without alienating those who may not have the same privilege to speak their truth.

[47:55] What Drea loves most about Reiki.

[49:20] The ways in which we can empower people who are underserved with our work.

[55:45] What Drea wants women to know about themselves.

[58:55] How to heal the wounds of comparison.

[1:04:00] How Drea helped me personally through Reiki work.


Ideas Worth Sharing:

Most of my life I blamed everyone around me for being unlucky, not understanding why I couldn’t fit in.” – Drea Aguilar

“Burning Man gives you what you need, not what you want.” – Drea Aguilar

“We have to have that safety to be able to explore our triggers.” – Drea Aguilar

“99% of what we don’t understand is actually holding so much information – not only trauma, but our gifts.” – Drea Aguilar

“It is the personal responsibility of mine to speak my truth as openly and as vulnerably as I can, to be a representative of those who cannot speak.” – Drea Aguilar

“It is strength when we’re vulnerable; it is strength when we’re fully able to express ourselves.” – Drea Aguilar


Interesting Clips:

[19:10 – 19:55] Feeling dismissed in motherhood by those who should be most supportive.

[20:50 – 21:30] Using your to-do list to ignore what’s really underneath.

[35:00 – 36:00] Speaking for those who cannot speak.


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