The Creatrix Podcast Episode 03: Disrupting the Matrix and Aquarian Age Ascension

Taj Savitri is an incredible spiritual life and business coach who works with women to create a life of freedom, purpose, and bliss by connecting them to the power that is already within them.

In this episode, we’re diving deep into so many hugely important topics: not only what it means for all of us as we leave the Piscean Age behind and step into the Aquarian Age (hint: healing!), but also how we all lose a part of ourselves through the rites of womanhood, and why it’s so important to create sacred spaces for women to talk about the experience of these transitions.

Taj is also sharing her thoughts on what we can do to hold space for all experiences, how we can begin to recognize – and change – some of the detrimental narratives in the wellness industry, and how we can learn to be unattached and gracefully let go of baggage that doesn’t serve us.


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  • Embrace your humanness.
  • Integrate all the textures of your experience.
  • Find safety in your support.
  • Trust your path.



[2:15] A little bit about Taj and an explanation of what Ascension is and what it means to come into the Age of Aquarius.

[11:50] Taj’s journey to where she is now, including a health scare.

[20:05] The importance of having a sacred space to share our experiences as women.

[23:15] Why we need the dancing of the genders.

[25:00] The ways in which the energies dance together.

[30:00] Integration as balance.

[33:25] A deeper reframing of miscarriage.

[39:20] The experience of womb healing.

[43:00] How our nervous system affects manifestation and why we should embrace being human.

[48:00] Narratives that are gaslighting, what Taj wants us all to know about integrating. 

[57:50] What to do if you’re needing support to integrate.

[1:02:00] What Taj most wants women to know about themselves.

[1:07: 05] Final thoughts from Taj and where you can find her.


Ideas Worth Sharing:

“On a soul level, what is that I want?” –  Taj Savitri

“I felt like my lessons had to come hard.” – Taj Savitri

“I was really focused on what I was losing instead of gaining.” – Taj Savitri

“The polarity is so important – not the ‘am I in my masculine or am I in my feminine,’ but are they dancing together?” – Taj Savitri

“Even if we are thriving in some areas, we also are all experiencing grief to some extent with what is happening on the planet.” – Aria Jaydara

“Come back to love, come back to honoring each individual’s sovereignty even if you don’t like what they’re doing.” – Taj Savitri

“It’s only supposed to take 90 seconds for an emotion to go through our body, and when it stays longer it’s because we tell the story.” – Aria Jaydara

“There’s a difference between a stressor and a stress.” – Aria Jaydara

“It’s so important for us to experience prosperity – it’s our birthright.” – Taj Savitri


Interesting Clips:

[4:00 – 7:10] Moving from the Piscean to the Aquarian age.

[17:40 – 20:00] How your identity changes as soon as you find out you’re pregnant, and why it’s ok to not embrace that change.

[51:45 – 52:30] How the body holds the imprint of experiences dating back hundreds of years.


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