4 Steps to Create the Life that You Want.

“I’m going to be the first (wo)man on Pluto.”

These are the types of goals 5-year-old Morgan set.

Meanwhile, I am not extraordinarily gifted in the science and math department and, turns out, I don’t actually own NASA / have any sway in their planned space voyages (lol).

But Star Wars was my jam so I had big dreams of surfing the intergalactic highway with my light saber and planting my specially designed cat flag on it’s icy surface to claim my pioneering victory.

Side note: have you ever considered how hard it is to anchor a flag in space?

Also, was it just me or did anyone else have a mini identity crisis when they found out Pluto was a dwarf star instead of their favorite planet in the Milky Way?

Ha! I digress.

This is an extreme, silly example, sure, but definitely a metaphor for the way so many of us set goals in adult life as well.

Sometimes we don’t follow through and reach our outcomes because we…

  • Don’t evaluate our strengths and what’s realistic and aligned before we zero-in on a goal
  • Overestimate what we can realistically do well in certain chunks of time
  • Have some serious systems and strategy flaws

But often it’s because we don’t have the resources we need to kick ass.

So, this morning (and throughout this entire month) I’m going to equip you with them.

Keep the acronym VISA in mind to remember the four non-negotiables for setting achievable outcomes and creating massive success:

#1: Vision

What do you want? Having a clear picture in your mind of what you are going to create and the resulting outcome is crucial to end up where you actually want to be.

#2: Intent

Why do you want it? The intent behind your goal and your degree of focus towards it creates the energetic momentum.

Momentum = force x time, for our purposes.

Let’s think of force as your degree of influence over the objects around you via your radiance and alignment.

(Apparently, my nerd is showing hardcore this morning.)

#3: Sweat Equity

How you gunna get it? Inspired action!

This is the time portion of the momentum equation above. We gotta do the work, put in the hours, and tackle the critical objectives to move the needle forward.

I couldn’t just sit in my home office and meditate about hiking the Grand Canyon and teleport to the bottom (not yet, at least). I’d actually have to get my booty on a plane or on a train, coordinate some logistics, transport myself there, and do some dang hiking.

Sweat equity also has to do with how much you’ve vested in your outcome, like equity in a home. Ya can’t half-ass your way to greatness.

#4: Alignment

This means that you don’t have any subconscious blocks in the form of beliefs, habits, programming, etc. and that your goal is meant for you.

I (and yoga) believe that each of us have a dharma. On a big scale, this is our life work and the reason we are here.

Ask yourself: Is this goal a mini black hole distracting me from my true potential or it is in the vortex, my zone of genius?

And BAYUM, you’re in.

The next 5 blogs are a coaching workshop on HOW to hit your most dreamy goals and feel really damn good along the way.

What I shared today truly is the first step before you set out to do anything.

And, if you’re anything like me, you may be rolling your eyes right now. This technique, on the surface, can seem hypothetical, fluffy, woo-woo, & unsubstantial.

But I encourage you to meditate on this and stay open and curious as to what it means for you in your own life and how you can apply it (rather than discounting it).

Sustainable, long-term success will NEVER come from your ego. It comes from your higher self. When you connect to that part of you and the cosmos, you will always be guided down the right path.

If you don’t, things will feel hard and forced. You’ll often feel frustrated and overwhelmed.

Take to heart what I am sharing with you over the next 5 weeks and you can overcome any block and get to any goal. 

Inspiration without action is useless, yes? So hit reply below and share those goals with me <3

I can’t emphasize to you enough how much I love love love love extending this virtual coffee chat.