A Fail-Proof Way to Kick Stress to the Curb, every time.

You know that feeling when you’re right at the edge of a deadline and hours shy of that how-the-f-am-I-going-to-pull-this-off stress spiral?

It usually happens during season when life is being shaken up in some way: selling a house and moving, before a big trip and trying to prepare for all that time away, planning a wedding, intense seasons at work…

Or, ya know, when you’re just trying to excel in your career, drink enough water, exercise, text people back, stay sane, and be happy LOL.

I bordered one of those episodes this week for the first time in a while.

In that moment, I always feel like I have two choices:

#1~ turn into a magical fairy unicorn, defy all laws of nature, and manifest the completed project Hogwarts-style

#2~ purchase a one-way ticket on the struggle bus, fire 10,000 rounds of coffee and cortisol, and brute force my way into a job well done (while slightly hyperventilating and wreaking havoc on my surroundings)

Anyone feel me?

This week, when I felt the stress about to flair up, I realized that this cycle is just a subconscious computer algorithm that I learned from all those high-achieving years in school and that this was an opportunity to re-program the strategy.

When we’re in that spiral, we are draining SO much energy on resisting what is, stressing about time (or lack thereof), worrying about failing and what will become of us when we do, and actually visualizing the result that we do not want to experience (which increases it’s likelihood of occurring).

That state is flight or fight and it’s in the primal, reptilian brain, nowhere close to our higher consciousness.

Our productivity, creativity, peace-of-mind, enjoyment of life, and JOY take a nosedive.

Want the magical formula to never find yourself there again?

Use the force, y’all.

A.k.a. stop draining from your own finite energy and, instead, plug into the infinite cosmic outlet.

The reason we often feel tired is because we are drawing from our own energy pool⁠—via struggling, forcing, resisting, and hustling⁠—rather than being a conduit for the universe’s vast reserve.

Here’s an example:Have you ever received an acupuncture or a Reiki treatment? The person who is administering the treatment isn’t asserting their own will onto you.

They are treating the places where they are sensing something that’s stuck or stagnant, being a vessel for the healing energy to remove the block through intent, and allowing the wisdom of the energy itself to do it’s thing.

It’s the same for us in relation to our goals and desired outcomes.

In any circumstance where we are trying to force an external factor to bend to our will, the result can be frustration, creative blocks, anxiety, overthinking, overcontrolling, insomnia, lack of peace…

The easiest way is to shift out of stress is to shift into an energy of allowing.

Faith. Trust. Gratitude. Back into the knowingness that the universe has got our back, always.

When there is a controlling energy behind our actions, we won’t receive the outcome we truly want. The key to attracting your desires is to release the attachment to them.

The minute you start to grasp you block the flow of cosmic energy. 

Alternatively, hold the vision well. Treat it as sacred, beloved, precious, and handle it with the utmost respect.

And then, instead of clinging and groping for the result, plug into the electrical outlet of higher consciousness and let the universe, source, your intuition, God⁠—whatever you like to call that which is greater than everything we can conceptually intellectualize—guide you from there.

The next 5 blogs are a coaching workshop on HOW to hit your most dreamy goals and feel really damn good along the way.

What I shared today truly is the first step before you set out to do anything.

And, if you’re anything like me, you may be rolling your eyes right now. This technique, on the surface, can seem hypothetical, fluffy, woo-woo, & unsubstantial.

But I encourage you to meditate on this and stay open and curious as to what it means for you in your own life and how you can apply it (rather than discounting it).

Sustainable, long-term success will NEVER come from your ego. It comes from your higher self. When you connect to that part of you and the cosmos, you will always be guided down the right path.

If you don’t, things will feel hard and forced. You’ll often feel frustrated and overwhelmed.

Take to heart what I am sharing with you over the next 5 weeks and you can overcome any block and get to any goal. 

Inspiration without action is useless, yes? So hit reply below and ask me any questions you may have about this technique or let me know how you are going to implement this over the next week.

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