4 Surprisingly Simple Steps to Land Clients on Instagram

My ideal customer is on Instagram and, if you’re reading this, I’ll bet yours is too.

The trick to connecting with your tribe is showing up on Instagram to add value to your soulmate client’s life: quick wins that give them that endorphin rush and position you as the go-to expert in your industry.

The Law of Reciprocity is real. Show up to be of service and build relationships and you’ll grow your business. Fast.

I officially launched my own brand only 8 months ago and this month was my first 16K month in sales. These tips and tricks are simple but they’re no joke so listen up:

The biggest mistake I see entrepreneurs making is wasting prime real-estate. Posting pretty pictures with cutesy phrases that don’t offer any value at all for one…

But also not using the bio space to its full advantage. Let’s fix that.

Here are some tips to make your Instagram bio more robust to connect you with more of the people you want to serve:

(best for service-based businesses like creatives, coaches, yogis, and lifestyle brands)

Step 1: Create a relationship: 

At a party, you wouldn’t introduce your business before yourself. It works the same online. I highly recommend you change your handle to your first and last name so that you are connecting right out of the gate with your audience as a human first, then a brand. 

Step 2: Become more searchable: 

Use the name field to write what you do rather than your first and your last name (because they already know it if it’s your handle). This allows your ideal client to find you when they search what you do. For instance, if you are a dating coach that specializes in helping women under 40 find love, you may write something like: Dating Coach for Millennials. Make this language super searchable and simple.

Many of my current clients found me because they searched “lifestyle coach” or “business coach” and my profile came up.

Step 3: Share your pitch: 

Use the first line of your bio to clearly articulate what you do and who you help. Some possible formulas:

“I help ________ do _________.”
“I create ________ for ___________ so they can _________.”

If you had a hard time with the exercise above, you may need to go back to the drawing board to get clear about the bigger WHY behind what you do. Even if your work is a lifestyle blog, you should be creating content that’s in alignment with your vision to serve the type of person you want to attract. A lifestyle blog for postpartum women would be totally different content than a fashion blog for young professionals.

Step 4: Create a call to action: 

The ultimate goal is to convert your followers to something off social media that you own, like an email newsletter, or get eyes on your most current program, offering, retreat, etc. Create a call to action in your bio that allows people to connect with your brand off the gram and allows you to nurture your relationship.

Y’all, seriously, this stuff is simple but powerful. I’ve connected with almost every single one of my current clients via social media and they’re hands down the most dreamy clients I could have ever imagined working with. 

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You’re amazing and I can’t wait to watch you grow. Cheers to becoming more fully YOU!