Shift This to Feel Happy & Empowered No Matter What Life Throws Your Way.

I was reminiscing today, flipping through old photos, and came across a memory that sent me whirling back into what feels like another century.

5 Decembers ago, I was on my way to Vietnam to visit my boyfriend (now husband) who was living near Ho Chi Mihn teaching English as a second language.

I was flying out of my hometown airport, ATL, and so proud of myself for arriving 4 hours before my flight (you know that airport be cray!)

Passport + luggage in hand, I danced up to the self check-in kiosk to get my boarding pass—a moment I had been dreaming of for over 4 months. I couldn’t wait to snuggle McKenna in real life.

Long distance was working beautifully for us but, man, was it hard.

My heart dropped into my stomach when I realized the mistake I had made: I forgot to apply for a visa.

I must have said fuck about 100 times. I also sent myself into a super negative thought loop:

“Are we going to grow apart if I don’t see him for another five months? I always mess everything up.”

“Shit. I just ran into someone from high school checking in. He’s going to think I’m the biggest idiot alive. Well, I pretty much am.”

“I hate you, Morgan. How can you possibly help people anyone with the work you want to do if you can’t even take care of yourself?”

Fast forward to a few months ago when I missed a flight to Pismo Beach, California for a coaching conference with Martha Beck.

She’s one of my heroes and I had been looking forward to meeting her in real life for almost 10 months.

I was flying out of Atlanta this time, too, and I literally overslept. Out of all the reasons I could have missed my flight…

While waiting in line to speak with the airline, I scanned the counter for the attendant that would be most forgiving to my dumbassery. I was called up to the desk by the one man I was sure would be least sympathetic to my cause.

I told him the truth anyways and let him know I totally understood if there was nothing he could do. It was my fault after all.

Airline policies stated that they could fly me on standby but they couldn’t change my itinerary. I had to go through the same exact airports on my original ticket.

Basically, I could get on a plane but I’d miss over half of the conference by the time I got there with what was available.

Bummed but unattached, I was already planning some hikes on the Appalachian Trail and finding gratitude for some more time with my people.

Of course, it stung that I was losing money, points, flights—so many precious resources—but I decided I wasn’t going to let it ruin my weekend.

Out of nowhere, he started cracking jokes while he was plugging information into the computer saying things like, “T for Tequila… I mean, Tango,” and laughing his buns off.

He went against policy and ninja’ed me a new route. I ended up landing in Cali only a few hours past my original arrival time.

In both circumstances, I was flying American. In both circumstances, American’s policies were against me. However, in the latter example, I made it to my destination on time anyways. Why?

I believe it was due to my mindset. The truth is this: the stories we speak over ourselves either open doors wide or slam them shut.

They invite miracles…

or they invite more of what we do not want.

Science proves this too:

Cellular biologist, Bruce Lipton, and his research show us that our thoughts, no matter if they are conscious or not, are absorbed by our cells and impact our DNA + the formation of disease.

Dr. Masaru Emoto proved that human words, thoughts, sounds and intentions literally change the molecular structure of water… and our bodies are mini oceans. 😉

The roof of your mouth has 84 meridian points. Each time you speak, you stimulate these points and directly impact the hormones and chemical states of the brain. ⠀⠀

I know I’m not the only one who has spiraled when something unexpected goes down or we (or someone we love) makes a mistake that changes our circumstances.

And, in that moment, what we choose to focus on really does have the potential to change everything—both internally and externally.

Substitute + shift:⠀

I have to ↠ I choose to

I can’t ↠ I will or I plan to⠀

I’m sorry ↠ Thank you

I don’t have ↠ I’m worthy of⠀

Practice affirming yourself instead of criticizing. Celebrate yourself for the things you do well, all of your accomplishments, everyone you take care of, the little wins and the big ones.

Use language of empowerment instead of victimization and lack.

Repeat a mantra shared with me by a good friend and fellow yogi, Christine Lentz: “I trust in the magic of the universe.”

Begin noticing how you respond when someone asks you how you are. Do you respond with the chronic “I’m so busy” or “I’m exhausted. Can’t wait til Friday.”?

Try something like: “Life is full and, although there’s a lot on my plate, I’m so grateful.”

Feel the energetic difference?

(Of course, if you really are burnt out, ask yourself why. Perhaps you’re living out of alignment with your purpose and values. More on boundaries in upcoming blogs).

These are all powerful ways to begin rewriting your story. Try them out this week and let me know what comes up for you. I’d love to share in your experience.

Cheers to becoming more YOU!